The Seattle Aquarium is BOTH indoor AND outdoor


On a gorgeous Sunday afternoon during my solo vacation in Seattle Washington USA, I made my way into the Seattle Aquarium.

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There was an enormous line of people waiting to get in, but luckily i had a special booklet that allowed me to skip the big line & enter in an express line!

(later i will make a separate blog about what exactly that special booklet is…)

Once inside, there are plenty of beautiful fish, art, exhibits and even live feedings!


The aquariums themselves are inside beautiful architecture

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Its always an awesome sight to have aquatic life swimming overhead and all around…

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I think my favorite aspect of Seattle Aquarium is how it is both indoor and outdoor, it is on a pier so once you finish visiting the aquarium its on to the next pier for food, entertainment,boat tours and more waterfront sight seeing!!!

If you visit Seattle Aquarium, make sure you check out the gift shop 🙂



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