Picture perfect 1-hour harbor cruise aboard the Spirit of Seattle

During my solo vacation in Seattle Washington USA…

my absolute most favorite activity was THE 1-HOUR HARBOR CRUISE on the SPIRIT OF SEATTLE!!!


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#2. It was located directly next to the restaurant i chose to have lunch, so it was convenient and only made perfect sense to hop in line for the next cruise after i finished eating…

I had the ‘Coconut Prawns’ and a ‘Seattle mule’ from Pier 56. Around 1:00pm i was enjoying food and ice cold drink inside the restaurant (but if i was paying closer attention i would have chosen the outdoor seating that was also available!!!)

and by 2:00pm i was happily πŸ™‚ boarding the Spirit of Seattle!

Boarding the #argosytour

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#3.There is a full bar and staff during the cruise!

i had a deliciously satisfying Bloody Mary, (it was the tasty detail of the ‘pickled asparagus’ that really made my mouth water!!)

Bloody Mary on the upper deckπŸ’‹

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#4. The cruise was guided by an informative and comical narrator!

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#5. It was a nice, quick, 1-hour cruise which i appreciate very much because being a solo tourist,Β  there are Always More Activities Ahead To Do!!!!!!!!!



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