Emmett Watson’s Oyster Bar


Perfectly tucked in a vine covered corner🌿 of Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market,

Emmett Watson’s Oyster Bar is a cozy seafood restaurant 🐟🍴with outdoor seating⛱….

This cute spot makes cute memories that are complete with fulfilled cravings for raw oysters!😍

I arrived just as they opened at 11AM so it was not busy and there were also 2 🍴🍴🍴other guests beside myself also waiting and ready upon opening.

I adore❤ the menu because it was written in ink on a brown paper bag.

👀See a glimpse of my brunch 🍴at Emmett Watson’s in my 🖱Instagram video below;


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🍴For brunch i chose the selection of 6 raw oysters;3 different types, which the waitress detailed the names to me following my order.

The meal was ideal for me!😊

(solo tourist wanting a quick,fresh, bite to eat. It was of fresh taste and incredible flavor; a nice price💲💲,with pleasant and knowledgeable staff📝.)


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