Waterfront dining at famous Edgewater Hotel

The most beautiful dinner I enjoyed during my solo vacation in Seattle was inside the famous Edgewater Hotel at their restaurant called, Six Seven….

I arrived around dusk on a Sunday evening…

For drink I chose the Paper Plane for the meal I chose the Alaskan king crab.

ūüĒ•The view & the meal felt romantic even tho I was dining aloneūüíĚ




If you don't stay The Edgewater, you at least gotta eat in their restaurant The Six Seven PS…..From Wikipedia: The hotel is particularly famous for hosting¬†The Beatles¬†when they visited Seattle in 1964 at the height of¬†Beatlemania.[1]¬†Because of the Beatles' connection to the hotel, there is a Beatles-themed suite and the hotel has hosted several Beatles-related events and tributes in recent years.[3][4]¬†Other famous guests have included¬†Led Zeppelin¬†(who were banned from the hotel after their second infamous stay there;¬†see¬†Shark episode),[2]¬†the Rolling Stones,[1]¬†Frank Zappa,[1]¬†Kurt Cobain,¬†Black Sabbath¬†and U.S. president¬†Bill Clinton.[1]¬†The Edgewater is also a¬†filming location¬†in the 1992 season 3 episode "It Happened in Juneau" of¬†Northern Exposure

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